We are a Mexican private-equity company, specialized on added-value services in Industrial Property, dedicated to providing electronic information, searching of documents of Mexican and foreign patents.

Infopat currently has an online database with more than 300,000 records of patents granted in our country and more than 250,000 records of requests for patents submitted in Mexico.

Infopat has quick, simple and advanced search engines in its portal with full support of the information provided by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property. We are also continuously implementing objective and reliable added-value information, always making it accurate and reliable for the needs of information required by our users and clients. We also have the capacity, in case we are requested to, to develop specific applications for the needs for information regarding Industrial Property of our subscribing clients.

We have more than 1,400,000 (one million four hundred thousand) yearly national and foreign visitors, and growing. This allows us to know more about the needs of information and also allows us to be able to set communication ties between us and our users, and most importantly, between our users and our clients.


Put on your highly specialized hands on industrial property information, easily and reliably. This information is Strategic Knowledge impacting competitiveness, identifying opportunities and the success of our clients.

Thursday 15, April 2021

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